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How to avoid additional car expenses over Christmas

Christmas is one of the most expensive times of year. Think about it. You have Christmas presents to buy for everyone from your significant other to your dadís uncleís brotherís sisterís dog! Then thereís all the food that needs to be bought and consumed over the festive period. And donít forget about all the Christmas parties you have to attend.

So how can you cut down on some of the Christmas costs? Weíve put together some top tips so you can help reduce the expenses from one of the biggest money sinks Ė your car.

Check your carís tyres

Itís important your tyres are working correctly in the winter months. The bad weather conditions can mean you have less grip and less control on the roads. But there is another reason to check your tyres. Having them at the wrong pressure will mean you are using more energy to drive and so consuming more fuel. Itís easy to inflate them to the correct pressure, saving you money and making you safer.

Check your carís lights

Winter and Christmas means long nights and bad weather, reducing visibility. If your carís lights arenít working properly, then you will have a poorer view of the road and are more likely to have an accident, be it a crash on the road or a bump in the car park.

Look for Christmas sales

Itís not just retail shops that have sales during the Christmas period. Garages and mechanics will often have promotions to help entice you to use them at this time of year. This can be for a discounted MOT, service, or even on something physical like tyres. Some of these will be vouchers that can be used all year round, so buy now and save later!

Change your renewal date

Sometimes you can be unlucky and your car insurance renewal date can fall around the Christmas period, or even in November and January. So how can you change it? Contact your insurance company in the middle of the year and do a deal with them then. They may try and charge you to cancel your deal, but if you promise to renew for 12 months with them, they will probably be able to do you a deal. So no more renewal fees in the busy period!

Share your carÖand the fuel bills

Everyone will be out on the road Christmas shopping. So why not share the cost with someone else? Be it a friend or family member, going out in the same car and splitting the cost of petrol and parking is a great way to save a bit of cash. Itís also fun to go out with someone when battling the hectic Christmas rush.

Give your car a service

Some of the basic maintenance checks that your car needs can be easily done by yourself. Look online for a guide or ask a mechanically minded friend to give you a hand. Changing your oil, replacing wiper blades, and even changing tyres can all be done by you with a little knowhow and a few regular tools.†

Car Care Tips  07/12/2018 17:01:03

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