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How to buy warranty for a used car

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A Car Warranty policy is an important part of buying a car, be it used or new, as it gives relief to car owners if the unthinkable happens and their new car suffers faults or a breakdown early in their ownership. Used car warranty is especially important, as parts are often worn and aging and it gives the added assurance that there is help available, as unexpected repairs by professionals can be very expensive. A breakdown may not just prove costly, but it can be also a huge convenience to the owner, if their car is relied on daily. This is why itís important to know about use Car Warranties and what to think about when shopping around.

Car warranties involve a promise between the seller and the buyer, that both will keep to their end of the bargain. In simple terms, a car warranty means that the vehicle is promised to remain in condition as can be expected by the buyer and, if not, the seller promises to act accordingly. A warranty covers unexpected costs of electrical or mechanical repairs that occur, as well as the cost of labour involved and replacement vehicle parts. They vary depending on model, make and how old the car is as well as taking your personal details into account. Many people choose to buy new cars because they offer warranties alongside, but used car warranties are easily found. There are things you need to remember before buying a warranty for a used car:

  • It is worth researching warranty providers to ensure you can get the best deal
  • Many warranty providers require the vehicle to have been serviced in the past 12 months
  • Check the age of your car - it could be that a used car warranty isnít worth it at all

There are also things you need to look out for when shopping around for a used car warranty:

  • The claim limit - as a used car warranty, it may be subject to a limit that may not cover the cost of potential repairs or it may exclude damage caused by the failing of other parts of the car, which is known as consequential loss
  • The element of choice - a good warranty gives you the option to pick your own garage
  • The small print - clauses which discuss increasing payments based on use of the car must be watched for as this will ultimately up the overall cost, as will repairs that boost the value of your vehicle like a new engine or extensive work on the body
  • Know your warranty - If the claim is made within a few months, some warranties wonít cover it, so be sure to find out
  • Look for benefits - Whether itís replacement car hire or European breakdown cover, be sure the warranty youíre looking at is best suited for you

Once youíve purchased a warranty for your new car, you need to do everything you can in order to ensure your warranty remains valid. For example the service requirements, laid out by the manufacturer of the vehicle, must be kept to. It is also important not to be too adventurous with vehicle modifications, as non-standard car parts will be excluded if they cause fault. If you know what to look for in a warranty and stick to the terms and conditions, you will reap the benefits of the security a good warranty will bring.

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