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How to decorate your car for Halloween

October 31st is almost upon us and people across the country are getting in the spooky spirit. More and more people are going all out to decorate their homes. So why not give your car a spooky makeover? If it’s on the driveway or outside the house, it can be an important feature of your Halloween setup.

Spooky passengers

We’ve all heard ghost stories of people driving who look in the rear-view mirror and see something ghostly in the back seat. Why not get a plastic skeleton or a mannequin dressed in creepy clothing and have them as passengers in the car? You might even be able to use a carpool lane!


If your car is parked outside your house on Halloween night, give it the look of old and disused by covering it in fake cobwebs. Add in a few plastic spiders and you can be sure no trick or treaters will go near it.

Fake blood

Want a gruesome addition to your car? Create or buy some fake blood and splatter it over your car. You can even write creepy messages on the glass. And why stick with red? Get imaginative with the colours you choose, with green slime or purple witch’s juice as other alternatives.

Just make sure that it won’t damage the paintwork and that you can clear it off cleanly once the spooky season is over.

There’s something gruesome in the boot…

Your car boot can be where you get really creative. Stick a fake arm or leg out of it, as if someone (or something) is trapped in the back. Get a small voice recorder and record some creepy messages that can be played on a loop. Or you can use your boot as the perfect display place for your Halloween pumpkins!

Offbeat  26/10/2018 09:43:05

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