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How to keep your children entertained on long car journeys over Christmas

The Christmas holidays often mean one thing – driving, and lots of it. Using the time away from work to visit relatives, go shopping or visit some sort of Christmas attraction can be a great way to get close to your family and enjoy the festive season. But long journeys can quickly take their toll on your children, leaving them irritable and irritating! So what can you do to keep your kids entertained this Christmas driving season? Eye spy will only last for so long. So here are our tips to ensure your children will be the least of your worries when out on the road this holiday season.

Technology is the answer…

The rise of tablet computers is a godsend to most parents. Being able to give your little ones a personal computer filled with their favourite programmes and games can keep them entertained for hours. Make sure to download them all in advance, as the internet connection might get a bit ropey on the road. Headphones are also a must, unless you want to singalong with the annoying songs kids love!

And remember the charger

Having a tablet with no battery is almost as bad as having no tablet at all. You can get all sorts of travel chargers these days and cables that plug into the now obsolete cigarette lighters. Choose ones with long cables and be careful not to leave them charging too long when the car has stopped, as you’ll drain the battery.

Bring snacks, lots of snacks

A good way to distract your child from boredom is to keep them well fed. Packing their favourite snacks and drinks will give you an out when they start to get restless. But make sure that it’s not something too sticky or gooey. Having to clean up the mess they make is another problem entirely, especially if they start touching things all around them.

Schedule proper breaks

You know the scenario. You ask if anyone needs the toilet, they all say no. And then as soon as you pass the service station, surprise surprise they are suddenly desperate to go. You may be tempted to just try and make the journey in one go. But scheduling a rest stop will mean your children have a chance to stretch their legs and use the bathroom. And don’t just go in and out. Give yourself ten to fifteen minutes to relax.

More music variety

Don’t rely on the radio to provide a mix of songs that you’re family will enjoy. Bring some CDs or plug in your MP3 player and play a nice variety of songs. Mix it up between songs you love and songs they love. It’s a great opportunity to introduce your kids to new music and let them into what you like, helping to establish a bond that you’ll both appreciate when you’re older.

Pillows and blankets

Finally, take some extra pillows and blankets, so if your children do drop off, you can keep them comfortable, cosy and, above all, quiet!

Offbeat  19/12/2018 10:46:57

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