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How to keep your cool during rush hour

There are few things as frustrating as trying to navigate the rush hour traffic. The roads are busy, filled with frustrated parents doing the school run, or workers desperate to beat the traffic to get to work on time, no matter if they hate their jobs or not. Here are some tips to get you through the pain of rush hour.

Adjust your working hours

One of the easiest ways to lessen the amount of pain from the rush hour is to avoid it completely. If you can, work an hour earlier or later. That means when you are travelling to and from work, you will most of the madness that comes in the peak times.

Find a new route

The quickest way in normal time may not be the quickest during the rush hour. You may want to avoid the busy main roads and take some backstreets to get to your destination. Over time, you will know which way is the quickest and which takes too long. A little experimentation with your journey will help you find the best route.

Get up earlier

The morning rush can be especially hard for those who are not morning people. But getting into your car still wiping the sleep from your eyes is not good for you. Get up with plenty of time to have a shower, breakfast and to prepare yourself for the day ahead. You will then be better suited to face the road.

Donít rely on the radio

When it comes to entertaining yourself on the commute, having something to listen to is your only real choice. But the radio can be unreliable, as you donít have choice over the music they play. Bring your own music or download a podcast to play during your journey.

Upgrade your in-car entertainment

You may also want to consider upgrading the options you have for entertainment in your car. Digital radio gives you so much choice, it makes sense to switch to a radio with that capability so you can find a station that truly caters to your needs. Youíll also want some connectivity to hook your phone up to your soundsystem.

Keep your car clean

The rush hour commute can leave you stuck in traffic. So the last thing you want is the smell of fast food wrappers or dirty crisp packets stinking up the place. Keep your car clean and tidy and you wonít have to hold your nose as you drive!

Let bad driving slide

There are always bad drivers on the road and rush hour seems to attract the most of them. They will cut you up, tailgate you, or simply pull out in front dangerously. Give them a honk of the horn but donít let their bad habits drive you up the wall!

Start a carshare

One of the best ways to lessen the effects of driving the rush hour is to share the load. Start a carshare with a colleague and you can swap days that you drive. Just make sure itís someone you get along with who doesnít talk too much about work before you even get to the office!

Make sure your carís air con is working

Whether itís the height of summer or the chill of winter, youíll want to transfer your car into a pleasant environment. If your heating isnít working or the fans are too clogged up with dirt, youíll be uncomfortable. Give both a good service if you can.

Work from home!

Avoid the rush hour completely by working from home! Simple!

Driving Tips  21/12/2018 10:01:22

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