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How to Keep Your Dog Happy In Hot Weather

Getting out on the road is one of the best parts of summer. Long days means you can travel further and still get the benefit of the sun. Whether it’s a trip to the seaside or perhaps to a forest or festival somewhere, a road trip is often the best way to make the most of the season. But the heat has its dangers, especially for our furry friends. And we don’t always want to leave our furry friends at home. So how can you keep your dogs happy in the hot weather?

Don’t Forget About Them

Dogs die in hot cars. This message from public safety officials has stayed with us long after the campaign finished. But sometimes it seems that it is easy to forget about our four-legged friends. And even if we think we won’t be leaving a dog for long in a car, it doesn’t take long for the heat to hit them hard.

Winding down your windows is a start, but you’ll never have them down far enough so that your dog can stay truly cool. And the metal bodywork that makes your car look so good attracts the heat like a magnet. If you can, you should take your car with you at all times.

Park In The Shade

If you really do have no choice but to leave your dog in the car, you should aim to park your car in the shade. Look for somewhere under trees, as their overreaching branches will provide cover for longer than most. Remember, the sun moves during the day and what might be in shade in the morning might not be so covered in the evening. Even so, you should try to keep the time the dog spends inside the car to a minimum.

Leave The Air Conditioning On

Modern cars with climate control mean you can transform the interior of your car into a cool respite from the sun. You might be able to do it in an older car, but leaving your air con on can quickly drain the battery of older vehicles.

Still park your car in the shade if you can, just for that added protection. And you may want to have a note in your windscreen informing people that the aircon is on. Good Samaritans will be more than happy to smash a window to try and rescue your dog.

Bring Plenty Of Water

Dogs need to drink lots of water to stay cool, especially in the summer. Packing lots of water and a dog bowl is vital to ensure you can keep your pooch hydrated. If you can keep the water in a cool box, even better.

Take Lots Of Breaks

Its also important to give your dog a chance to stretch his legs. The chances are that the animal will be able to keep itself calm for a while, but a break now and then to run, roll in the grass and go to the bathroom will make for one happy hound.

Driving Advice  23/07/2019 09:53:26

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