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How to kit your car out for the festival season

Festival parkingItís festival season and youíre hyped for a weekend of music, fresh air and hopefully a little bit of sun. Youíre daydreaming of sprawling out at the campsite and indulging in your favourite beverage and a BBQ or two; making friends and making memories. But first you have to get there and youíre taking everything but the kitchen sink. Thousands of people travel across the country every year to some of the biggest festivals and the majority travel by car. For a stress-free and adventurous weekend, itís important to plan ahead, and packing your with care is a good start.

Anticipate the journey

First off, remember that itís likely your destination is not going to be down the road. Looking at the route in advance can save time and stress in the long run. Be sure to organize your passengers in advance and, if possible, arrange it so you donít play taxi on the way. Also, a separate bag for the passenger seat with water and snacks will come in handy when faced with the inevitable queue for the car park. But most of all, keep your parking permit and your ticket with you at all time; you donít want to be faced with an empty pocket when sitting in the queue.

Donít squash the bread

The best way to pack your car is to lay everything youíre taking out on the driveway before. The heavier and less fragile stuff goes in first; the tent, the sleeping bags, the crates, the cool box. The last thing you want to do is find your perishable items have perished underneath your camping equipment, so they go on top or, if possible, in the front away from everything else. You also donít want to find thereís no space for your tent once everything else is packed, as there is arguably no camping without it.

Drag along some extra space

Donít be ashamed of over-packing. If youíre travelling by car, as long as you have the man-power at the other end you should embrace the opportunity to take everything you want. A trailer presents the means to take a bigger tent, more food and perhaps more passengers. However, remember youíre limited to 60mph on motorways when towing, so be sure to allow a little extra time and donít pack anything you wonít be allowed through the gates, such as propane tanks or a ludicrous amount of alcohol.

Check the equipment before take off

This might seem like an unnecessary thing to do before heading off for a camping excursion, but remember youíre likely to be leaving the car unattended in a field for a number of days. The locks should work, the handbrake should be effective and all valuables should be accounted for. Also, itís always a great idea to put the tent up a week or so before, to make sure all the parts are there and thereís no unexpected mould.

Think safety

There will always be the temptation to fill the backseat with a fluffy duvet - which is especially appealing for passengers on the return journey. However remember you need to have full vision at all times, so donít fill your car with more than the available space allows. If youíre keen on extra jumpers, blankets or inflatable goodies, perhaps organize to take less passengers so you can utilize the backseats. Also, as always, the speed limit is a limit not a target and the journey certainly isnít a race. Itís better to arrive late than not arrive at all.

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