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How to Repair Your Car Without Voiding Your Warranty

There is often much confusion among motorists as to how they must repair and service their cars whilst keeping their warranty intact. Many have been lead to believe that they must carry out all work at the manufacturer’s dealership or risk losing their cover. In some cases this can be far more expensive or inconvenient when compared to using their own preferred mechanics. Although this is what many car companies would prefer you to believe, it is not exactly the whole truth.

New Cars – The Manufacturer’s Warranty

Recent European legislations state all new cars from every manufacturer must provide a minimum of 2 years unlimited mileage warranty on their cars. Also this should not be affected by any changes of ownership. To keep the warranty in tact, the car must follow the manufacturer’s service schedule.

Used Cars – Specialist Warranty Providers

The exact requirements for used Car Warranties will vary between each provider. For this reason it’s wise to check out all the terms and conditions before you proceed. However, you will certainly require a full service history, then this will need to be continued to keep the policy validated.

Who Can Service My Car?

Luckily no car manufacturer can force buyers to only use their official dealership networks for servicing. What they do have is the power to set their own precise service schedules. These must be carefully followed and documented as proof. You are actually free to use any licenced mechanic or garage of your choosing. So long as you strictly follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, or you risk them refusing any warranty claims.

Tips For Safe Servicing

All parts used must be genuine OEM parts and not after market parts. This will even include all fluids and lubricants used.

Receipts should be collated as evidence of work completed and parts purchased. The maintenance record must be filled in accordingly, confirming that the required servicing has been carried out. Invoices for all work completed should be available.

Work must be carried out following the exact schedule for each interval. Usually there is a grace period of only 500-1000 miles or 30 days.

In the event of a claim the warranty provider will try to prove whether the defects were a result of incorrect servicing or quality of parts used. By following these tips you can save yourself a headache.

Warranty Repairs

When it comes to getting repairs in the event of a warranty claim, the provider will want you to use their own networks or franchise. This is primarily to ensure that the work is carried out to the correct standard and avoid problems later down the line. Manufacturers may insist you take the car to an official dealership to undertake the work. This is still quite reasonable since you will not be footing the bill. However, many used Car Warranty providers can provide a little more flexibility when it comes to repair garages.

An Easy Way to Remember the Rules…

If your paying for the work then you are free to select where you go, so long as you stick to the set guidelines. When the company is picking up the bill you must go where they choose.

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