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How To Save Money on Car Hire

It’s holiday season and many of us will be spending a lot of time travelling out on the road. Those long periods driving might make you want to take another break – this time from your car. Hiring a car, often one much newer and nice than the car you own, can help reduce stress and give you extra comfort for your holiday. But whether you want to hire a car for your holiday or just to take a break from your current motor, you want to get a great deal.

Here are our tips for to help you save money on car hire.

Book in Advance

As soon as you know you want to hire a car, you should make your booking. Many car rental companies will be sold out quick, leaving you with limited options on what car you can hire, who you can hire from, and what you will have to pay. Booking in advance can also often save you money, as car hire companies might push up their prices if you decide to book at short notice.

Don’t Just Choose a Package Deal

If you book a flight or hotel, you might also be given an option to hire a car through the same company. But this is not always the best idea, especially if you want to save money. Sure, the process is simple enough. But you have to factor in that you aren’t just hiring a car, you are covering any referral fees or commission that your airline or hotel takes when it makes the booking. Don’t assume they are offering you car hire out of the kindness of their heart – they are there to make money after all!

Shop Around

There are a huge number of car hire companies available these days. But the best price might not be the one at the top of your internet search. Make sure to take a good look at all the different sites available, not just the huge multinational companies but smaller local businesses too. You should also take advantage of price comparison sites, to get a quick overview of the different options available.

Important: Make sure to check out reviews from a wide variety of places when booking a car rental, especially online or in a foreign country. You don’t want to have a headache that could have easily been avoided with just a little bit of research.

Can You Get Away With Just One Driver?

Being able to share the drive can be a great help on long journeys. But adding an extra driver can add to the cost of the car hire. If one of you is happy to do all the driving, you can save some extra cash. Just make sure you factor in plenty of driving breaks.

Get The Right Car

As well as the car hire costs, you will also need to think about insurance and fuel. So choose the right car for your needs. Getting a car that’s bigger or has a more powerful engine, can add to the overall costs of your car hire package. Choose the minimum for your needs and your car hire bill will be much smaller.

Car rental  27/08/2019 17:00:44

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