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How well do you know the Highway Code

When’s the last time you thought about the Highway Code? Of course, we are all aware of the different rules you have to follow on the motorway. Whether it’s the speeding limit or who has priority at a roundabout, there are many things that we do that are just innate. But the actual Highway Code? 

If we’re being honest, most of us won’t have even thought about the hundreds of rules and regulations in the Highway Code since our theory test. But it’s important that you are aware of the updates and changes that may mean a way you’ve been driving for years is suddenly the wrong way.

Recent changes to the Highway Code

As technology improves and updates, so does the Highway Code to ensure that it is fit for modern driving. For example, it recently changed so that learner drivers are allowed to drive on the motorway. This makes perfect sense, as before, learners would be unable to go on the motorway until they had passed. But the motorway is one of the most intense parts of driving, especially for newcomers. Being able to get much needed practice on the motorway is common sense.

Another is how driver’s go about using apps to help them park their car. This is a fairly recent innovation aimed at convenience, with many car companies providing apps for drivers of their cars to assist parking. The update to the Highway Code makes it clear that these apps are okay to use, if it is safe to do so. As using your phone means you have to take your eyes off the road, this update just helps provide peace of mind over the legality.

Many of the updates are related to in-car technology such as built in Sat Navs or driver assistance tech. It goes to show how current the Highway Code is, not the outdated rather staid document you might think it is.

The Strange

But there are still some rather obscure and strange regulations that fill the pages of the Highway Code.

The sight of a dog hanging its head out the window is one that fills most of us with joy. But this is in fact illegal and it will be you rather than the pooch who ends up in trouble! We also might like to drive around with our music as loud as possible. But there are rules against excessive volume, so that expensive sound system you’ve just installed might not be getting much use.

Drunk driving is obviously against the rules. But did you know it’s illegal to sleep drunk in your car? While it may seem like the best option if you’ve ended up having one too many and don’t want to risk driving home, by the letter of the law, sleeping when drunk is illegal. This is because you are still deemed as being in charge of the car.

And finally, and perhaps disappointingly, it’s illegal to swear when you are behind the wheel of your car. So no matter how much someone’s driving might be irritating you, keep your frustrations in check. Just in case someone who knows their Highway Code is watching!

Driving Advice  22/05/2019 09:52:24

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