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Hyundai refuses warranty payout

Hyundai refuses warranty payout Image

When you believe your car has a fault but the dealer refuses to take the problem seriously, it can be a problem that ends up in a big mess for everybody as Warwickshire resident Jenny Bell discovered with her Hyundai Sante Fe vehicle. 

The SUV had begun to develop a troubling whirring noise when started up from being cold.  However, the staff at dealer Red Rose Garage, which is situated in Tamworth, Staffs, gave it multiple inspections and refused to believe there was a fault, even after the vehicle blew a turbo early in 2011.  It was not until a different dealer altogether, Chambers of Tamworth, inspected the car that the issue was finally realised to be a faulty oil pump.  By this point, however, the vehicle had passed its Car Warranty and the dealer refused to pay the bill.

Bell contacted Hyundai customer services on numerous occasions, pointing out that the fault had begun while the car was under warranty, but the company backed the dealer and left her with a repair bill totalling more than £500.  "Hyundai has just fobbed me off until it can wash its hands of the matter by claiming that the warranty has expired" Bell notes.

It was not until Bell contacted Auto Express that Hyundai suddenly changed its tune.  While a spokeswoman insisted that there was "no guarantee" that the fault was actually the same as the one in the original complaint, suddenly the company was very willing to cover the whole cost of replacing the oil pump.

published: 22/03/2012 11:00:01

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