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Illegal tyre dumping scandal highlighted

Illegal tyre dumping scandal highlighted Image

Large numbers of vehicle tyres are being dumped illegally in the UK every year, it has been revealed.

The latest edition of the BBC's current affairs programme Panorama focused on the issue with an expose that has emphasised the need for garages, tyre retailers and vehicle dismantlers to work with responsible recyclers for the collection of their waste tyres.

Commenting on the issue, Tyre Recovery Association secretary general Peter Taylor said: "The Tyre Recovery Association's Responsible Recycler Scheme plays a vital role in the legal and environmentally friendly disposal of waste tyres in the UK."

More than four-fifths (80%) of the 55 million used tyres generated in the UK go through the scheme, which traces each tyre throughout the whole of the disposal chain from initial collection to eventual reuse.

The EU landfill directive that was implemented in 2006 made it illegal to send waste tyres to landfill.

Car Warranty  24/07/2012 17:00:00

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