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Insurance check proposals branded absurd

Insurance check proposals branded absurd Image

Insurance broker AA has branded a DVLA proposal to remove the insurance check when car owners apply for a tax disc as "absurd".

The plan to remove the simple, fool-proof check once every year or six months was madness, according to Simon Douglas, a director for AA insurance. He also suggests the move could undo much of the work carried out to tighten up the enforcement of the law, by the Motors' Insurance Bureau, the Government and the insurance industry, through suggesting it is OK to delay or even avoid taking out cover altogether.

Furthermore, the AA feels it is not sufficient to rely on identifying uninsured vehicles through Continuous Insurance Enforcement (CIE) legislation that was introduced last year, and the police adopting technology for automatic number plate recognition. The feeling is that the current system, where vehicles are proven to be insured from the outset, requires no change.

At the moment, those buying their tax disc at a Post Office must produce a paper insurance certificate. Simon Douglas commented: "It would be far better for Post Office counter staff to make an electronic check against the Motor Insurance Database, given that a paper insurance certificate is no longer a compulsory requirement."

When applying for a tax disc online, the process automatically confirms that both the insurance and MoT are valid, and if not, the system acts as a prompt to act if an error or lapse has been identified.

Insurance  18/10/2012 17:00:01

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