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Is a Used Car Warranty From the Dealer Always Best

Is a Used Car Warranty From the Dealer Always Best Image

It is not unusual for car dealers today to offer used Car Warranty plans to their customers.  This fact is sometimes surprising to consumers, who tend to think of used cars as being sold in an "as-is" condition, with no real chance of a warranty.  While very convenient and often affordable, consumers who purchase used cars would do well to weigh all their options before assuming they can do no better.

When it comes to a used car warranty, there are independent providers who will also offer viable warranty options.  In order to lock in the best possible terms, consumers should find out what other warranties are available.  This can be accomplished by checking around town for other warranty providers as well as making use of online resources.  From there, the task focuses on determining the scope of benefits included in each warranty, comparing the costs, and finally going with the one that offers the best benefits all the way around.

Keep in mind that as a consumer you do have a little bit of time to make your decision.  Locking in the warranty does not have to happen on the exact date of the sale.  In many jurisdictions, there is usually a window of at least a few days in which to identify and select a used car warranty plan.  Make sure you understand the nature of this grace period before actually making the car purchase.  Doing so will make it possible to plan ahead, collect information before actually buying the used car, and be ready to make a decision sooner rather than later.

Michael Barclay

Vehicle Warranty  01/08/2011 11:00:02

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