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Is It Possible To Renew Vehicle Warranties

Is It Possible To Renew Vehicle Warranties Image

Consumers sometimes wonder if it is possible to renew Vehicle Warranties for an additional period of time after the initial coverage period is completed.  In some instances, renewing Car Warranties is not only possible; it is very simple to do.

Often, dealers and manufacturers that offer vehicle warranties do have provisions for renewing the cover after that initial period.  Several factors will go into the process.  For some manufacturers, the renewal option is only offered on certain models.  There may also be some time limits on the renewal period.  That is, you may be required to initiate the renewal before the current warranty lapses, or have only a limited amount of time after the lapse to renew the warranty cover for another period.

The important thing to keep in mind is that subsequent vehicle warranties may or may not include the same level of cover as the original.  As the car ages, the scope of coverage may narrow a bit and at some point, the manufacturer is likely to consider the car too old for any type of warranty.  For people who tend to trade vehicles every few years this is not a big concern, although consumers who keep vehicles for six or more years may need to watch the terms more closely.  Take the time to examine the provisions offered as part of the renewal and decide if going with the warranty for another round makes good financial sense.  If not, you can always seek other types of options to help minimise the expenses of keeping the car in good running condition.

Author - Michael Barclay



Vehicle Warranty  07/01/2011 11:00:01

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