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Is it Worth Owning a Convertible Car in the UK

Are you feeling tough enough to deflect a barrage of hairdresser and midlife crisis remarks? Jokes aside, owning a convertible car can be a great experience but it’s not without pitfalls. It can provide an incredibly fun driving experience and people will be envious come the summer. You are far more exposed to the wind and the outside environment, for better or worse. When the wet rainy days come back around your not going to be cruising around with the top down for a while.

For the warmer climates of sunny coast-side cities around the USA it would be far easier to justify owning a convertible. However, here in the UK we are experts at making the most of the weather we have. Many will argue there is simply no point to owning a convertible car here; we don’t have enough sunny weather. Of course this often comes from those of you who don’t own convertible cars.

Our Infamous English Weather

We all know the winters here can be pretty bleak. There is always plenty of rain and cold weather, so your roof is going to stay put for the most part. Unless you get a kick out whipping the top down and whacking the heaters on full blast! During those precious periods of nice weather you need to take full advantage. This the golden time that you will feel blessed above all the other envious motorists. For many drivers, this alone is worth it!

The Compromise

True car enthusiasts will not be the least bit phased by the word practicality. Many drivers are willing to make big comprises for a faster thrill. The dreams of joy riding during the long summer days with your friends might be able to help you survive the winter. All the speed and power of a supercar can only be used in certain conditions, the same goes for your convertible roof!

Getting Caught Out in the Rain

Remember, the roof can be removed and replaced anytime please. Yet it’s true some convertibles can be cumbersome than others. With hardtops you will need a safe place to store the roof whilst it’s removed. Not to mention you then run the risk of getting caught out in a shower. Electric retracting roofs are a far more convenient option. With the touch of a button your roof can be quickly operated and securely stored. Worst-case scenario you only face a short moment of discomfort if you’re caught out in the rain.

Facing the Price Premium

You are always going to pay a premium for owning a convertible car. Since it’s a special model and more desirable you’re going to pay a higher purchase price. Make sure you get an insurance quote since it’s likely to creep up too. For younger drivers among us it will have a considerable impact. Then you should consider the added maintenance for the roof’s components. For a daily driver through the winter, a leaking roof is going to be your worst nightmare come true! However with correct storage, cleaning and replacement of any degraded seals this can be prevented.

Car Buying Tips  24/07/2015 09:25:18

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