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Jaguar unveils new sports car

Jaguar unveils new sports car Image

The brand new two-seater sports car has just been unveiled by Jaguar.  The F-type car, which is to go on sale from next year, has been revealed at the New York Motor Show.  The design is to be based on the CX-16 prototype that was unveiled in the September of last year and the launch has actually been a direct result of the very positive customer reaction to it.

The aim of the newest model is to make the company a world leader in a market in which it has been missing in for far too long, according to Adrian Hallmark, the global director of the brand.  The iconic F-type vehicle was last made more than three and a half decades ago back in 1975.

The F-type will be revealed in the summer of next year and will initially come in the form of a convertible, which the engineering department has focused upon in order to be able to deliver dynamic driver reward.  The new vehicle has been constructed extensively with aluminium, while it will be receiving its power from a wide range of petrol engines including the likes of a new family of power-plants.  The new vehicle is also being rumoured to feature a supercharged V6 petrol engine that will come with a bhp rating of up to 400.  A coupe version is expected to follow in 2014.

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JAGUAR  10/04/2012 17:00:02

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