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Johnson unveils eco plans for London

Johnson unveils eco plans for London Image

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has revealed his intention to introduce an ultra-low emission zone to the centre of the city before the end of the decade.

Mr Johnson has instructed Transport for London (TfL) to draw up a feasibility plan on launching a scheme which would restrict driving in central London during working hours to zero or very low emission vehicles.

"This would deliver incredible benefits in air quality and stimulate the delivery and mass use of low emission technology," he said.

The current low emission zone (LEZ), covering the majority of Greater London, was brought in five years ago in a bid to reduce the amount of cars which are a danger to the environment. A daily charge is required from motorists driving a vehicle which falls below the emissions limit.

While Mr Johnson has hailed the impact of the system on the capital, TfL needed to deliver an apology to van operators who were falsely instructed to replace their vehicles as they fell outside emissions guidelines.

TfL has subsequently paid 35 of those affected 15 per cent of the cost of their replacement vans.

Insurance  25/02/2013 17:00:01

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