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Keeping Your Car Clean

As a car owner, keeping your car clean may seem like an obvious part of your ongoing to-do list. You own a fancy pair of shoes that you want to keep clean and your high quality carpet needs a hoover to ensure it lasts. But in the same way as you would scrub at a muddy sole or move the furniture to reach the unseen parts of your rug, it is important that you make every effort to cover as much of your vehicle as you can during the big clean.

It is suggested that you should wash your car once a week, as its constant contact with the outside means continuous contamination. However, this will always depend on a number of factors, from how often you use it to where you live. For example, living in the country means more mud and living by the sea means salty air. Itís up to you to decide but ultimately the more often you clean it Ė and the more care you take Ė means a better life for your vehicle.

Care for the outside of your car

Itís important that you donít decide to clean your car because it looks like it needs it. Air pollution, pollen, insects, bird droppings and leaves all build up on and within the carís frame and can do considerable damage to the paint before you know it. Once you decide to clean it, note the air temperature and the weather. Washing a car on a hot day will cause suds and water to dry quicker than you can wash the body.

When it comes to cleaning products, there is a reason why specific car-cleaning materials have been engineered. A bowl full of washing up liquid will do more damage to the wax than good, so be sure to use a specific car cleaning agent with a thick soft sponge. The sponge must be free from dirt particles and debris, as these can easily scratch the paintwork of your car. And donít forget the wheels and under-side of the car (these are often the most neglected, despite being at most risk from dirt). Again, specific agents and cloths are available for the more delicate areas. Be sure to thoroughly rinse the car with a hose once youíre done, to avoid water marks and pools and dry with care using soft towels.

Getting a shiny inside

You may think that the outside of your car is the most important, as this is where the expensive paint job is and itís the bit that the public will see. However, keeping the inside clean and tidy will keep the upholstery free from the threat of odour, mould and damage which may lurk in places you canít necessarily see.

Quite often an effective method of cleaning the interior is by following the process of cleaning your living room.† You would rarely take a wet cloth to your furniture or a scratchy one to your TV, so avoid getting electronic components wet and ensure materials are of good quality. For example, a duster is perfect for the dashboard and dials. Grab a hoover and vacuum the seats and floor, ensuring that all gaps and holes and reached. You can also remove the floor carpets or any seat covers to get at any hidden spots. An additional tip for keeping your upholstery in top shape is the way you park. If the sun hits your car in a specific place every day, try repositioning so that itís not just one part of the car that is at risk of sun damage.

Car Care Tips  20/05/2014 10:03:25

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