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Kia Doubles UK Market

Kia Doubles UK Market Image

Kia has managed to double its market share in the United Kingdom in the course of just four years, and Kia UK Managing Director Michael Cole expects the climb to continue, predicting a growth of almost 20% across the course of 2012, despite the market in general being largely perceived to be flat.

Cole says that the Korean brand is hoping to sell something like 64,000 units in 2012, in comparison to the 54,000 units that were sold last year.  "In the second half of last year in a market that was down one percent we grew by 20 percent" he points out.  "With the product we've got and our biggest ever investment in communications and media we can keep the momentum going."  The growth has come as a result of what Cole admits has been a "massive transformation of the brand," a transformation that has seen the retail market of the company grow from just 1.8% four years ago back in 2008, to 3.3% last year, with the fleet share likewise growing from 1.2% to 2.4%. 

The perception of the brand has also been key to success, Cole noting that while buyers used to see Kia cars as being cheap, Korean and small, phrases such as "value for money" and "seven-year warranty" are now being associated with the firm, although he points out that the brand is more than just a seven-year Car Warranty company with excellent value vehicles, it is also now about design and quality as well.

Motoring News  18/01/2012 11:00:01

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