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Kia to sell new scratch repair tool

Kia to sell new scratch repair tool Image

Kia Motors UK has made an agreement to sell a new cosmetic repair device at its outlets, which will be of interest to those involved in the Car Warranty sector.

This means AkzoNobel's Stickerfix device can now be utilised in the Korean car manufacturer's workshops as a Kia item for cosmetic repairs, such as for stratches to the body.

AkzoNobel believes Stickerfix to be a high quality, environmentally-conscious, value-for-money device for eradicating the effects of small scratches.

Sold in Kia packaging, almost 66% of Kia's networks have so far requested display stands for Stickerfix at Kia outlets in its trial unveiling.

KMUK parts manager, Paul Turner, said: "We have worked with AkzoNobel for many years in a variety of different aftersales areas of our business, and have established a strong working relationship.

"Stickerfix is a unique repair solution and the first AkzoNobel consumable product to be launched with Kia branding. With all the associated marketing material and proactive support from the AkzoNobel team we are confident that it will prove popular and we will see growth in our aftermarket sales."

Car Care Tips  07/06/2012 17:00:01

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