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Kias Car Warranty Helps Used Car Sales

Sales of used Kia cars have risen by 67% during 2010 when compared to the sales figures for 2009. The used car program was re-launched in April 2009 and the approved used car program has sold more than 5000 cars since that date.

The Picanto has sold more than 244% more cars than in 2009 and other ranges have increased by more than 100%, clearly demonstrating the popularity of the marque as both a new and used car.

Kia new cars have the now famous seven-year Car Warranty, and any outstanding warranty on a second hand Kia can be used by the new owner. All used Kia cars are sold with the car warranty topped up to the seven-year level. Many used cars lose their warranty when they are sold on by the original owner, which can often put people off.

It is incentives such as these that are stimulating the used car market and this report highlights just how important a good car warranty is for buyers of both new and used cars.

Having a comprehensive car warranty should be considered essential for all drivers, as it offers peace of mind and can ensure that those hefty repair bills are taken care of. This is particularly important during financially hard times. Knowing that you have the means to keep your car on the road even if finances are tight can be very important.

Car Warranty Vehicle Warranty  24/11/2010 10:44:33

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