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Knowing Your Car Insurance Policy

Knowing Your Car Insurance Policy Image

Should you sign up for a car finance package, it is a requirement that you also sign up for car insurance (as well as the Car Warranty).  In the initial flush of excitement that comes from the moment, it is all too easy to end up signing for an insurance deal that does not really cover even your most basic needs.

The number one price comparison website in the United Kingdom says that it is extremely important to examine your car insurance policy and check for exclusions.  The firm has been analysing a cross-section of comprehensive automobile insurance policies and has found that there are some quite significant variations in the levels of cover that are available.

Importantly, the firm discovered that even the most expensive car insurance policies do not necessarily provide the best levels of cover.  For example, a number of policies do not include coverage for car replacement, medical treatment or emergency accommodation.  Sometimes people will also be forced to pay additional costs for the coverage of certain items, such as the extra cost of legal cover.

Car insurance expert Pete Harrison says that anyone who wants peace of mind about their car insurance policy should check the fine print to be certain that everything they want to be covered is covered.  "As our research shows, exclusions and caveats can be commonplace in fully comprehensive car insurance policies, and it is vital motorists scour the small print with a fine tooth comb to ensure their policy has the level of cover they need to avoid getting caught out" he warns.

Author - Michael Barclay

Insurance  02/02/2012 14:00:00

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