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Life Without an Auto Warranty

Life Without an Auto Warranty  Image

Consumers sometimes question the wisdom of investing in an auto warranty.  This is particularly true during economic downturns when households have to watch expenditure closely in order to stay afloat.  Often overlooked are the problems that can occur when there is no auto warranty in place.

One of the indirect benefits of having an auto warranty is that the terms of the agreement often require car owners to see that the covered vehicle is maintained properly.  In some cases, the warranty terms even help offset some of the expense of that routine maintenance.

Unfortunately, people without warranties often find it easy to put off that maintenance and eventually find themselves with major repairs to make due to their negligence.More directly, an auto warranty can come in very handy when some major repair is necessary through no fault of the owner.  Since an authorised repair shop has checked the car and it has been maintained properly, there is a good chance those major repairs are covered under the terms of the warranty.  Contrast the impact of paying nothing or only a small amount for those repairs versus having to manage the entire cost.

If possible, always secure an auto warranty when buying a new or used car.  Even if times are tough, that warranty can make a difference in how long your car lasts and also make a huge difference if a covered event should come to pass.  In the end, you will be happy with the decision to do so, especially when you compare the cost of the warranty to the out-of-pocket expense that would be experienced otherwise.  

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