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Lifetime Warranty for Car Parts

Lifetime Warranty for Car Parts Image

BBA-reman has made the unprecedented decision to give a lifetime Motor Warranty on all automotive parts repaired by their business. BBA-reman says that they are confident that they give the finest products and service to their customers and that is why they have decided to offer the warranty, becoming the first automotive remanufacturer in the whole of the United Kingdom to give such a guarantee. BBA-reman remanufacturers and repairs an array of automotive parts, including the likes of common rail diesel pumps, ABS models, air mass meters, ECUs, throttle bodies and power steering parts. 

The new warranty is beyond anything that other alternatives can offer. "Ideally parts last the lifetime of the car, but in reality most of them don't," notes the managing director and owner of BBA-reman, Chris Swan. "What our customers get from us is peace of mind. Once they buy the part or repair, they don't need to worry again for the lifetime of their vehicle." Swan adds that normally in the automotive market, two years is standard for brand new parts, with two years or as little as just three months warranty for repaired or remanufactured parts. 

"It's a low risk decision for us," claims the company's director of engineering, Keith Costa. "We have a multinational team of several engineers who research and find solutions to thousands of problems with electronic automotive parts." Costa adds that they regularly use components that have been upgraded to improve on the original designs in order to prevent similar failures in the future.

Vehicle Warranty  19/10/2011 11:00:04

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