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Looking after your carīs bodywork

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Everyone except the most anti-car people will appreciate that cars can look great and itís for this reason why so many people devote so much time and effort to keep their car looking as good as new, all year round.

Of course, itís the engine and the car mechanics that are really important to look after but to the untrained eye itís the outside of the vehicle that holds all the beauty. So what can car owners do to keep their carís bodywork looking crisp, shiny and attractive throughout its life? Follow these tips and youíll be well on your way to owning a car with a perma-shine.

Wash regularly

Yes, it does sound incredibly obvious and it is. But that doesnít make it any less important. Washing your car regularly will not only prevent the vehicle from picking up stains that will eventually wear down the paintwork, but it will also give you the opportunity to regularly assess its condition. Itís often when washing the vehicle that scratches are noticed, so donít just wash regularly, pay full attention while doing so.

Wax and polish

When you do discover scratches Ė which, Iím afraid to say, is pretty inevitable at some point or another Ė donít just punch yourself and blame bad luck. With a bit of time and effort, you can restore the car to its original and proper state.

Assess each scratch individually. Depending on its depth, different repairs will need to be made. Small scratches will only need a glaze to repair the paintwork, while deeper scratches will require greater attention Ė if you donít know what youíre doing, you could risk making the scratch worse by attempting to repair it.

That said, if you do know what youíre doing, then care and attention will have your car looking great again. Sanding and primering scratches in a careful, gentle way, followed by the right colour touch-up paint will have your car looking great again.


If you donít know what youíre doing you could, as has been said, further damage the bodywork by trying and failing to do some DIY however good your intentions are. Speak to friends and colleagues and see if they have any recommendations for a good auto bodyshop Ė you donít want to take your beloved car to a cowboy Ė and get it booked in. Yes, of course it will cost more than doing things yourself, but you can rest safe in the knowledge that your car will be looked after and will come back to you looking great once again.

Drive carefully!

Perhaps this is the most obvious way to look after your carís bodywork but perhaps itís also the most important. From the comfort of the driverís seat you have no idea what sort of foreign objects hit your vehicle and there is only so much your vehicle can withstand. By driving quickly, and/or carelessly, youíre only asking for trouble. Weíve all seen programmes on the TV where cars have been written off. Drive carefully and think about what might happen to your bodywork if you were to lose control of the wheel.

And finallyÖ

As said, a carís bodywork is there to protect the all important insides Ė including the passengers. So while scratches and marks wonít affect the vehicleís performance, looking after the bodywork will keep the car looking good and also help to retain its value, if and when it comes to selling.

published: 29/10/2013 14:00:00

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