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Manufacturers Car Warranty Expired

According to recent industry statistic the average cost to repair faults or problems with a vehicle in its fourth year of ownership is now averaging £700 pounds a year. This means that the standard manufacturers warranty period of 3 years will expire just too soon for many motorists who will be left with expensive repair bills.

Manufacturers warranty terms can vary dramatically but when they expire they leave owners with a sudden risk of costly repair bills. This risk can be avoided though by purchasing an extended warranty package from specialist companies such as Go Car Warranty.

Many people are put off obtaining Car Warranties because they feel that the risk of mechanical or electrical failure is not high enough to justify the reason for purchase. However statistics have recently shown the chance of a fault occurring across a broad spectrum of cars is higher than most motorists would expect.

An Audi A4 for example, has 3 parts which are known for problems; the gearbox, the fuel system and the ignition coil. The average cost of repairs on this vehicle is £630.

Another example is the ford fiesta, a popular choice among motorists, which also comes with 3 parts that have high risk factors. The clutch, fuel system and the suspension, and research have shown that the average repair costs spent on this model is £370.

Cars are complex machines that are prone to problems which require specialist knowledge to repair. Hiring a specialist mechanic to find any problems or to replace broken parts of the vehicle can be very expensive. This is where car warranties become incredibly cost effective for a car owner as they do not have to pay for these unwanted costs.

Car Warranty Motor Warranty  12/11/2010 14:56:22

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