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Many garages 'lack website'

Many garages 'lack website' Image

A study by the Retail Motor Industry Federation's Independent Garage Association (IGA) has found just under three-fifths (58%) of independent garages have a current website to promote their business.

While the IGA report found more independent garages are starting to use websites, progress is slow. Of the 2,000 member garages surveyed it found Northern Ireland had the highest proportion of garages with websites at 80%. Wales had the lowest at just 39.5%.

Looking at regions, 85% of garages in Buckinghamshire had websites, a significant way ahead of the next most web-savvy county for garages, with Berkshire at 77%.

To help independents keep up with larger franchises, the IGA is adding website building into its membership package, with an extra cost added for the hosting and web address, which will still be owned by IGA.

IGA director Stuart James said it was important that independents make sure they keep up with larger franchised dealers.

Car Warranty  03/07/2012 17:00:00

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