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Mechanic writes off two cars during MOT

Mechanic writes off two cars during MOT Image

A mother-of-two was left without her Ford Focus after a mechanic recklessly ploughed into it with a customer's 220,000 Lamborghini.

Andrew Mitchinson, 37, lost control of the 6.2-litre Murcielago on a wet road and smashed into the stationary Focus during a routine MoT brake test. Both cars were written off during the incident.

Mr Mitchinson was fined 280 and ordered to pay costs of 350 to South Lakeland Magistrates' Court, as well as a victim surcharge of 30 to Mr Leahy. He also received six penalty points.

Both car owners were shocked by the sentence. The insurance companies were the biggest losers, with payments of 87,000 and 7,500 dished out.

Marianne Kitchen, the owner of the Focus, said: "Basically all he has got is the equivalent of two speeding tickets for trashing two cars."

Stephen Leahy, a millionaire hotel entrepreneur, described the mechanic as "a very, very silly lad" and expressed his disappointment at Mr Mitchinson's punishment.

"I'm appalled he thought it fit to drive like that through a quaint, little country village in a customer's car. He should not be allowed behind the wheel of a customer's car," said the 46-year-old, whose car had done just 24,500 miles, with 4,099 of those coming in the past nine years.

"That car was driven like 'Driving Miss Daisy' and I've always been really careful with it."

Insurance  29/04/2013 17:00:00

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