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Modern Cars Too Complicated

In years gone by it has been the case that people learned to take care of the basic maintenance of their own vehicle themselves. But recent news reports suggest that this is no longer the case, as modern cars are too complicated for the DIY mechanic. Many cars now have onboard computers and internal diagnostic systems so that even the simplest tasks such as changing the oil are being left to qualified garage mechanics.

The report also suggests that those with a Car Warranty should be careful before tackling any DIY on their car as it may leave the car warranty invalid. Some experts claim that dealerships are advising customers to only use their authorised servicing facilities as a money spinner. This is because the car dealers do not make a great deal of money on the sales themselves, but on repair and maintenance after the sale, so need drivers to be coming back to them when even small jobs need to be done.

Car warranty owners will need to check the terms of their agreements closely to be sure that they are able to carry out simple maintenance themselves, if not it will mean regular trips back to the dealership where the car was purchased. While the car is fairly new it is always worthwhile having work done professionally anyway, to ensure that the car remains in good repair. A car warranty will also make provision for regular servicing and drivers should have their cars checked over on a regular basis for peace of mind.

Author – Michael Barclay

Car Warranty  15/12/2010 10:24:31

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