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More People Driving Without a License

More People Driving Without a License Image

While responsible motorists get car insurance and possibly even take out extended warranty plans on their automobile, it seems that fewer and fewer people can be bothered to take a driving test and get their driver's license before they get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.  An astonishing 13% of people claim that they know someone who is driving without a license, according to new research from a motor vehicle website.

Between the months of April and August this year, less than 640,000 driving tests were held in the United Kingdom, a fall of as much as 5% on the same time period last year, judging by statistics from the Department of Transport.  The decrease corresponds with the big rises in motoring costs, including the increase in car insurance, which has gone up by 2.7% in the second quarter of this year and is a 24% increase in terms of second quarter year-on-year prices.

Those being penalised the most are young drivers, with the average cost of an under 20 male driver's comprehensive policy in the second quarter of this year going over £4,000 per annum for the first time ever. 

One leading motor vehicle website alleges that 13% of people know someone who has not taken their driving test but is driving without a license anyway, with around 20% claiming that they are not taking their driving tests because they simply cannot afford to.

published: 09/11/2011 11:00:01

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