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Morning after drink driving warning to motorists

Morning after drink driving warning to motorists Image

Motorists are been urged to consider how much alcohol they drink this summer, especially if they are driving the following morning.

According to figures by AlcoSense Breathalysers, 18% of drink drive accidents in 2010 occurred the morning after a night out between 5am and 1pm. This is when shift workers and early starters would be driving to work.

Tens of thousands of drivers are caught drink driving the morning after a night out each year, with accidents up 60% over the last decade. In some cases drivers were often unaware that they were still under the influence. AlcoSense revealed that 51% of people unintentionally drink drive the next day.

Referring to the upcoming Jubilee, Olympics and Euro 2012, AlcoSense managing director Hunter Abbott said: "AlcoSense urges revellers enjoying the summer's extended party atmosphere to beware of putting themselves at risk of drink driving the following morning.

"With people enjoying the good weather and extended holiday offered by the Diamond Jubilee, the party atmosphere may make them too complacent about drink driving."

The Institute of Advanced Motorists also echoed these sentiments.

Insurance  01/06/2012 17:00:00

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