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Most Brit Drivers Fail to Park Cars in Garages

Most Brit Drivers Fail to Park Cars in Garages Image

More than two thirds of households in the United Kingdom fail to park their car in their own garages due to the fact that they are too full of other items, according to the results of a new survey.

Aviva has revealed that the average British household has vehicles worth around £13,500 parked on their driveway on the road instead of in the garage, which is instead playing home to around £3,500 worth of other equipment.  The "Garage Gridlock" study surveyed as many as 1,000 adults in the United Kingdom, and found that a quarter of them left their car on their driveway despite the survey showing that as many as 41% were concerned that their cars could be stolen, vandalised or broken into.  A further 25% of those polled also admitted that in most cases it was just too much hard work to bother putting their cars in their garage, despite 90% acknowledging that they probably would do if vandalism or theft of their vehicle or its contents did actually occur. 

The research also showed that the main culprits for cluttering up the garage are men, who are filling it up with items such as gardening equipment, tools or DIY materials.  Drivers are being told to remember that parking a car in a garage is a way of ensuring complete protection and peace of mind, similar to the peace of mind generated by taking out an extended auto warranty on the vehicle. 

Motoring News  03/11/2011 11:00:01

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