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Most expensive car crashes

Embarrassing, scary…wallet busting! Take a look at five of the most expensive car crashes…

Blackadder actor crashes his McLaren…twice!

Renowned petrol head Rowan Atkinson has crashed his McLaren F1 twice! Though neither times resulted in it being a total write off, it still cost a whopping $1.4 million to repair. Ouch. Still, he owned the car for 17 years and seemingly couldn’t get enough of it. Atkinson told the Daily Telegraph:

“Look at a modern supercar of comparable performance and it will be vast, heavy and offer little or no space for your luggage. By comparison the F1 is tiny, yet it will seat three, store enough for you all to go on holiday and still finds space for a proper, normally aspirated 6.1-litre V12 engine. And it weighs the same as a shopping car. Nothing has ever been designed before or since with such imagination and clarity of thought.”

It has, however, been a good investment. Rowan bought it for £540,000 in 1997 and is reportedly selling it for a £7 million profit. Nice work Mr. Bean.

Bugatti Veyron Vs. Seagull

You must have seen this video. It chronicles the unpleasant fate of a Bugatti Veyron valued at $1.6 million, but that isn’t the only reason the video went viral. The dude filming the video remarks “pretty sure that’s a Lambo, dude,” a phrase immortalised thanks to the powers of the internet.  The driver of the Bugatti Veyron is Andy House of Performance Auto Sales in Lufkin, Texas. The shops speciality? Repairing wrecked exotics. Oh sweet irony. And then, in an incredible turn of events, it turns out the whole thing was an insurance scam. The evidence? That very video!

Supercar pile-up in Japan

The infamous 2011 Japanese pile-up involved eight Ferraris, one Lamborghini and a Mercedes-Benz. The cars collided on a freeway in Shimonoseki when the driver of the lead Ferrari lost control. The Sports Nippin newspaper reported around £2.6 million worth of damage was caused and media outlets around the globe labelled this “the world’s most expensive car crash. Police plan to charge 10 drivers, for either exceeding the speed limit or not paying attention to the road.

£700,000 damage at 10mph

A driver crashed her Bentley into a Mercedes, Ferrari, Porsche and Aston Martin causing more than £700,000 worth of damage. The worst bit? She was only trying to park.

It happened outside of Place du Casino in Monte Carlo – possibly the worst place in the world for such an event to happen thanks to the constant stream of snap happy tourists. It gets worse: the driver and her two passengers then had to sit there and endure the glare of smartphones snapping as they were so tightly jammed in they couldn’t open the door of their car. Oh the shame! 

1998 Belgian Grand Prix

Any Grand Prix fan worth their salt would remember this incredible pile-up. Involving 13 of the 22 vehicles in the race, the pile-up resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. Eddie Irvine provided some insight into the notorious crash on

“I have to admit, it was a bit scary. I had no brakes, no steering, nothing was working. I was just sitting there hurtling down the track with wheels hitting me on the head and cars going all over the place. There was nothing I could do except sit there. It was not pleasant…”

Luckily all of the drivers involved were left largely unscathed ready to re-start. There was no rush though – it took a team almost an hour to clear the track of the resulting debris!

Offbeat  20/10/2015 09:17:36

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