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Most extreme luxury car accessories

Let’s enter the world of the absurdly rich. We’re talking the kind of rich where simple owning a Ferrari is not enough, not until you’ve installed a faux star roof and rolled it in diamonds. Think we’re joking? Think again! 

Diamond wheel rims

Sparkle as you go with a neat set of diamond wheel rims. The bonus is everyone will definitely know you have a lot of money. The drawback is everyone will definitely know you have a lot of money and you’ll likely need to hire 24 hr bodyguards to dissuade potential diamond thieves. What does that matter though, eh moneybags?

A spokesman from Ansanti Wheels (who offer the service) told Living Trade News: “With the response we gathered from the public on these rims, we could confidently affirm that our target market is everyone that appreciates art and the art of dreaming.” Dreaming just got expensive.

Key watch

Luxury car brand Aston Martin and Swiss watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre have joined forces to build the first mechanical watch which is also a car key. Of course, this is not just any key. The sapphire studded watch can access the car through the use of an in-built micro transmitter system. Pretty fitting for James Bond’s car of choice.  Fancy a slice of Bond action? The watch is yours for $29,500*

*Aston Martin not included.

Faux star roof

You know when you’re driving along and you look up at the roof and think, “Gee, wouldn’t it be nice to see a constellation?” But it’s raining? No longer a problem if you’re the lucky owner of a Rolls-Royce phantom. Simply purchase their aptly named Moon Roof add-in so you can drive under the soft glow of the Milky Way. Well, er, technically a cluster of LED lights arranged to look like stars. This cheap imitation is all yours for $12,000. Bargain!

Perfume Atomizer

Cars do, on occasion, smell bad. That’s why there are approximately a gazillion different aromas of air car freshener for you to choose from. But guess what? You’ve been deodorising your car wrong your entire life; so put away your 99 pence. 

What you need, my smelly friend, is a ‘Perfume Atomizer’. It takes your favourite perfume and releases it in bursts at pre-agreed intervals leaving your car smelling like, er, you. Yes, it sounds like a glade air freshener, but that’s hardly the point when you’ve got cash to literally spritz into thin air.

Number plate  

Nothing says “I am so important I require my own specially formulated number plate” like a personalised number plate. But not one of those naff ones that actually just look like a regular number plate. Oh no, you need to make a statement.

Case in point, the dude in UAE who paid $14 million for the number plate “1”. No matter it cost 4 x the value of the actual car. We’ve got a long way to go in this country; the most expensive UK number plate “25 O” went for a paltry £518,000. Pfft! 

Offbeat  03/07/2015 09:09:25

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