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Motorists go Retro to Save

Motorists go Retro to Save Image

More than three quarters - 78% - of drivers in the United Kingdom would contemplate retro-fitting their vehicle in some way in order to save money and improve on fuel economy. 

With a large number of drivers finding it difficult to maintain their current vehicle, let alone replace it with a more efficient new model, ways in which drivers could cut down on their fuel consumption include retrofitting an EV or hybrid system, engine chipping or converting the vehicle to allow it to run on a different type of fuel such as LPG or bio-fuel.  Of course, some modifications can be considerably less extreme than this and can simply include such things as the removal of factory fitted roof racks, the addition of a belly pan or using smooth covers to cover the wheels.

With the average price of petrol now being around 133p a litre it is not hard to understand why drivers are now seriously searching for ways to conserve fuel in greater numbers than ever before, although the old advice about good car maintenance and eco-driving remains as relevant as ever. 

For those who are seriously considering retro-fitting their vehicle, there are a few tips to follow, one of which is to make sure that you contact both your insurer and your vehicle manufacturer should you still have a manufacturer Car Warranty in place.  Those considering converting to LPG should use an UKLPG Approved Autogas Installer, which could save up to 40% on fuel costs.

published: 25/01/2012 14:00:01

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