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New Hope for Saab Owners in UK

New Hope for Saab Owners in UK Image

Although the Saab motor company appears to be on the verge of going the way of the dinosaur, there is some good news for those who already own a Saab vehicle in the United Kingdom and would rather not have to sell it for scrap just because of a minor defect. A new parts company known as Saab Parts UK is now up and running and will be able to supply genuine parts for Saab cars as well as customer service packages. With as many as 188,000 Saab cars still on the road in the UK, this should prove to be a huge relief for motorists.

Although the Saab factory may have become eerily quiet, there are also still as many as nearly 200 of the most recently manufactured Saab vehicles which are still available to purchase at competitive prices across the dealership network. There are no less than 87 authorised repairers across the United Kingdom as a whole, which are there to make certain that the Swedish vehicles will continue to run, and the Saab Service Club is also open to all owners of Saab vehicles in the UK. The club already has almost 15,000 members. Benefits of being a member of the Saab Service Club include discounts on accessories, parts and servicing, and free visual health checks. 

Parts that are ordered from Saab Parts UK are covered with a two-year auto warranty, with Saab AA Roadside Assistance also remaining in place for all vehicles that were registered in the country prior to the 29th November last year.

Motoring News  14/02/2012 11:00:01

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