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Nissan Leaf vs Tesla Model 3

Electric cars today are better than they have ever been. The technology is efficient and practical, with ranges extending all the time and charging points becoming more widespread on a daily basis. Soon electric cars will become more popular than standard engine cars, with only hybrid cars stopping at the petrol pump.

Two of the best electric cars on the market are the Nissan Leaf and the Tesla Model 3. One comes from a manufacturer that has been building and innovating for decades. The other from a company that has revolutionised electric vehicles and made the old leaders of the car industry sit up and take notice. How do they compare?

Nissan Leaf

It’s little surprise that the world’s bestselling electric car comes from a Japanese manufacturer. Companies there have long had a reputation for innovation and improving technologies, and the Nissan Leaf is their product.

Leaf is an acronym, standing for ‘leading environmentally-friendly affordable family vehicle’. With this in mind, its easy to see that the car is a practical vehicle that isn’t just about its electric engine. Driving performance is better than average and continues to catch up on other cars in its class that have a petrol engine. While it doesn’t excel anywhere, it performs strongly on all fronts, from reliability to safety.

The car’s range is advertised as 235 miles, but looking at test drives from reviewers, the more accurate reading would be between 160-170 miles. However, the smart e-Pedal technology means that you help to add charge every time you brake.

Tesla Model 3

0-60 mph in 3.2 seconds. A range of over 320 miles, and a standard all-wheel drive motor, it’s almost indistinguishable from cars of a similar style that have a petrol engine. The Tesla Model 3 continues the company’s revolution of the electric car.

It’s no secret that the company’s success, both financial and with their product, means that car manufacturers across the globe are now racing to build their own competitors. For now, the Model 3 remains a class above in terms of style and substance.

The Model 3 is fast and powerful, its single electric motor giving the car a top speed of 140 mph. But its not just about the motor. The safety features are also some of the most intelligent on the market. Radar-controlled cruise mode will keep you a safe distance from all the other cars on the road. Not only does the car keep you a safe distance apart, but it shows you just how far apart they are on the screen.

Eight onboard cameras form part of the car’s Enhanced Autopilot system, making the car almost able to drive itself. Add to that the large 15 inch monitor in the centre of the dashboard, and it gives you a variety of entertainment and navigation options, as well as up to date system analysis. It truly is a car straight out of the space age.

So which is better?

The two cars are clearly amongst the best electric vehicles on the market. If you want something affordable and practical, than the Nissan Leaf is the option. But if you want something bigger, better and much more pricier, than the Tesla Model 3 is an obvious choice.

Electric Cars  31/05/2019 10:04:27

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