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Obtaining Replacement Copies of Your Extended Auto Warranty

Obtaining Replacement Copies of Your Extended Auto Warranty Image

There are very good reasons for keeping an extra copy or two of your extended auto warranty.  It never hurts to have a spare copy around the house, even while keeping one in the car itself.  In addition, it is sometimes helpful to keep a copy in a strongbox or other safe place, along with other contracts or important documents.  Should one copy be damaged, you have another at your disposal.  However, if you never got around to making additional copies and now find yourself in need of one, there are a few ways to obtain a replacement of the warranty contract.

The first step in obtaining a new copy of your extended auto warranty is to contact the provider.  In many instances, a simple telephone call will be all that is required to have a copy posted to you in a matter of days.  In some instances, the provider may be able to advise you of alternative ways to obtain a copy.  For example, the provider may be willing to email a copy as an attachment, allowing you to print out the document at your leisure.  An alternative solution may be to go to the provider's website and download a copy of the warranty plan directly to your computer.

Once you have that replacement copy of your extended auto warranty in hand, make a couple of extra copies and place them in secure but accessible locations.  Doing so will prevent a recurrence of the same set of circumstances, and minimise the chances of finding yourself in need of checking some benefit or term of the plan and being unable to do so.      

Author: Michael Barclay

Motor Warranty  24/06/2011 11:00:01

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