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Oddest Concept Cars Ever

One of the best things about going to the various motor shows up and down the country is checking out the crazy ideas that vehicle manufacturers have had since they last exhibited. Often, their concept cars will herald a step change in how we think about cars – what we absolutely need to get from them and the way they look, inside and out. However, more often than not, concept cars remain concepts never to be seen on the forecourts of dealerships anywhere, ever. Here are our five favourite concept cars – let us know what yours are in the comments.

Honda Fuya-Jo

The Japanese car industry has provided its fair share of solid consumer vehicles – but also of wild, ‘what were they thinking’ concepts.The Honda Fuya-Jo was one of these, looking more like a tram carriage than a car. To say it’s ugly is to be too kind. Pininfarina Modulo The 1970s were something of a wild time in general, and the world of concept cars was no different. Right at the beginning of the decade Pininfarina released the Modulo, which they thought was to be the future of cars. The remarkable thing about this concept car is that it’s barely there at all – sitting so low to the ground that even cyclists might not see it and could end up riding over it. Anyway, as you know, the Modulo remained a concept car and this author thinks we should all be rather grateful for that.

Chrysler Voyager III

Now we all know US car manufacturers like to create things that really make an impression, but the 1990 Chrysler Voyager III takes the biscuit. In theory, the idea of being able to extend one car to carry more people sounds sensible – much like an extending dining table. But in reality, the idea never took off and the three seater car that could be joined to an extension, creating an eight person people carrier, never took off. What a pity.

Renault Racoon

Who would have thought that Renault – the manufacturer that has given us such staple – and to be honest, fairly dull cars such as the Clio and the Espace, could create something so wild? Sometimes I wonder whether they do it just for fun, but I’m reliably informed that the French giant really did think the Racoon (even the name is terrible) could take the motoring world by storm. Let’s just be glad they were wrong.

Citroen Osmose

The beginning of the second millennium caused such a fluster in all sorts of ways and all the hype about computer bugs and everything else came and went. Very little changed. Thankfully the same can be said for Citroen vehicles – but, with their Osmose creation of 2000, they tried to take the world by storm. It certainly stands out, but I can’t imagine there are too many people who wish they were driving around in a conservatory on wheels.

So they’re ours – what are your favourite concept cars?

Offbeat  22/04/2014 09:44:28

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