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Ogling motorists 'cause a million crashes' a year

Ogling motorists 'cause a million crashes' a year Image

Distracted motorists cause nearly one million crashes in Britain every year because they are eyeing up members of the opposite sex, it has emerged.

Drivers cause an average of 2,525 collisions every day, from crashing into lamp posts to shunting other vehicles - which works out at a total of 921,840 a year. The summertime, when pedestrians are wearing more skimpy clothing, is the peak season for accidents.

A study of 2,142 drivers found that 60% of men admitted being distracted by attractive women, while 12% of women said they took their eyes off the road to ogle good-looking men.

And 21% of drivers said advertising billboards featuring models were also a major distraction on the road.

Some 17% of male drivers admitted knowing their actions were dangerous but said they "could not help but look", Direct Line revealed.

Spokesman Matt Owen said: "Stealing a quick look at an attractive pedestrian or billboard model may well be a bit of fun but, on a serious note, drivers shouldn't underestimate that this type of distraction is a major contributing factor in road accidents.

"The number of crashes caused in this way have not changed year on year so drivers obviously are not learning to keep their eyes on the road."

Car Warranty  16/08/2012 17:00:01

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