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Oil Replacement Tips from Go Car Warranty

Oil has a limited life span where it will operate at its peak efficiency. If youíve recently purchased your vehicle it wonít be too long until youíre looking to change your oil for the first time. Properly maintaining your oil is a crucial chore that all car owners must undertake if they wish for their car to have long lives and work to their full capacity.

If you do not checking your oil regularly the consequences can be as severe. The worst possible outcome would be damaging your engine. At a certain point oil starts to lose its lubricating qualities, therefore your engine will start to carbonize. Once this starts the engine becomes contaminated by a threatening substance known as a carbon deposit. Having carbon deposits in your engine will lead it to overwork therefore threatening its life span.

This can be prevented by simply checking your oil levels once a month via the dipstick underneath the bonnet. If youíve recently purchased a used car itís worth wile checking the oil level as soon as possible to identify any potential problems. Each car will be slightly different so it is always advisable to read your manual before checking the oil level.

If you have a warranty policy on your vehicle many of the problems caused by neglecting the maintenance of the oil are likely to be covered. This could prove to be a great help as it would save you a significant amount of money should you have any problems with the car.

If you are not covered by Car Warranty it is always a good idea to look into obtaining it. When you buy a used car this can be especially important as you can never be sure how well the engine was looked after by the previous owner.

Getting car warranty cover isnít a difficult task, warranty providers such as Go Car Warranty offer different levels of cover which provide superb levels of protection from only £99. By protecting your vehicle with warranty cover you will give yourself peace of mind by knowing that your car is covered against any problems it may have.

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