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Parallel parking fills drivers with fear

Parallel parking fills drivers with fear Image

A new survey has revealed that a fear of parallel parking is causing a crisis of confidence for a surprising number of drivers.

The study, which was carried out for the AA by Populus, discovered that as many as 16% of motorists admitted to lacking confidence when it comes to lining their car up next to another. And that figure rises to 25% among female drivers.

The poll, which consulted 20,073 adults from across the UK for their views, also found that 19% of people had changed their mind about where to park at the last minute because they didn't think they could park their vehicle in a space.

And twice as many women (28%) as men (14%) confessed to changing their plans in such a manner. Meanwhile, 25% of respondents said they had avoided or blacklisted certain roads because they were just too difficult to perform parking manoeuvres on.

Almost a third (29%) of motorists had even decided not to visit particular car parks for the very same reason and people in Scotland, Wales, eastern England and south east England were most guilty of this.

Drivers in the east of England emerged as the least confident with parallel parking, perhaps fearing a scrape if they do not have Car Warranty, but Londoners were found to be the most confident when it comes to fitting their vehicles into tight spots.

Insurance  31/10/2012 17:00:00

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