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Peugeot Ion Wins Electric Car of the Year

Peugeot Ion Wins Electric Car of the Year Image

The Peugeot Ion has won the award for Electric Car of the Year at the Association of Scottish Motoring Writers; the first time the award has ever been given. The award was given on the evening of Friday 14th October at The Thistle Hotel in Glasgow in Scotland.

While the Peugeot Ion has received praise for its "ease of use, realistic battery range and affordability", the Ion gained the edge over its rivals for its actual driving characteristics, particularly in comparison to some of the other diesel or petrol cars in the small car category. 

"The electric car category may be a new one for 2011, but there were no shortages of contenders for the coveted title," says the chairman of the Association, John Murdoch. "After many highly charged discussions, one car surged to the front of the national grid to impress us. The Ion's ease of use, realistic battery range and affordability ensured it stood out, however it was its drive that stands comparison with any petrol or diesel powered car in its class that flicked all our switches."

In the United Kingdom, the Ion is available via an all-inclusive 'mobility' offer, which consists of a four year contract which has a monthly payment of £400 and includes the leasing of the car (including the battery pack), Peugeot Connect Services, full maintenance and servicing for four years and up to 40,000 miles, and a full Car Warranty for the vehicle, electric power train and battery.

PEUGEOT  17/10/2011 11:00:02

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