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Plans unveiled to reduce whiplash claims

Plans unveiled to reduce whiplash claims Image

The Government is planning to clamp down on the fraudulent whiplash claims which are sending drivers' insurance premiums soaring.

A new consultation, launched by Justice Secretary Chris Grayling, will discuss the possibility of introducing independent medical panels to increase the accuracy of whiplash assessments.

The panels are an attempt to tackle the spate of exaggerated, misrepresented or fraudulent claims and put an end to what Mr Grayling called "easy paydays".

Despite safer vehicles and a 20% fall in reported road accidents since 2006, the number of driving-related personal injury claims has gone up by 60% over the same period, the Government said.

The consultation will also consider allowing a greater volume of whiplash cases to be heard in the small claims court.

Under the present system, it is often cheaper for insurance companies to simply pay-up over disputed claims rather than contest them in the courts.

Insurance  11/12/2012 17:00:00

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