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Points to Compare With Car Warranty Contracts

Points to Compare With Car Warranty Contracts Image

It is not unusual for dealers to offer more than one type of Car Warranty contract.  When this is the case, buyers sometimes automatically grab for the one that seems to be closest to something they have had in the past.  Rather than making a snap decision, take a moment and look closely at each of the warranty plans that are offered.

As you read through the terms of each car warranty, take note of a few specific points.  First, consider the duration of the contract.  Ideally, you want one that will provide adequate protection for at least most of the time you are making payments on the car loan.  Also identify the scope of coverage as it relates to the repairs or replacement of key components in the engine, as well as the transmission and the braking system.  What you want to find is that the warranty provides a means of covering most of the expense of major repairs, assuming those repairs are not due to owner negligence or abuse.

Depending on your situation, you may find that a basic car warranty provides what you need.  If that is the case, then go with the more simplistic plan.  Others will find the scope of coverage to be inadequate in a basic plan and go for one that offers a wider range of benefits.  As long as you know what is available and how that relates to your needs, it is possible to choose the right warranty plan and enjoy the benefits derived from the contract.   

Author - Michael Barclay    

Car Warranty  27/04/2011 11:00:01

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