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Points to Ponder Before Buying an Auto Warranty

Points to Ponder Before Buying an Auto Warranty Image

Purchasing the right auto warranty is more involved than quickly scanning the plans offered by a dealer and then choosing one.  Ideally, the car owner will want to match the benefits found in the warranty plan with the type of events that can reasonably be expected to occur with a particular make and model of vehicle.  This means spending some time looking into the history of not only the vehicle itself but the general history of the make and model, even if the car is brand new.

Begin with a survey of the car's history.  Focus on both the maintenance and the repair history, as this will provide valuable clues in regard to what parts have been replaced and which ones are still originals.  From there, it is easier to project which parts may wear out in the future, and choose an auto warranty plan that will help cover some of the expense of those repairs.

If the car is new, there will not be any real individual car history to consult, but there is likely to be a wealth of information about the make and model.  Get an idea of what type of recalls on certain parts as well as which components seem to wear out more quickly on average.  Use that data to guide your choice of auto warranty, and include cover for those particular events.  While there are no guarantees that you will ever have to actually claim those benefits, it is nice to know they will be on hand should you need them.

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