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Poor parking 'causes neighbourly tensions'

Poor parking 'causes neighbourly tensions' Image

Badly planned parking in residential areas is causing tensions between neighbours which can escalate into violence, a report has warned.

According to research from the Institute of Highway Engineers (IHE) and the Chartered Institute of Highways and Transportation (CIHT), some garages do not have enough space to house vehicles.

The study found that due to poor parking, emergency and delivery vehicles cannot always get down roads, and neighbourly relationships can be driven to breakdown.

Parking standards should be set by councils with regard to local circumstances, the report suggested, and without attempting to have control over car ownership.

The institutes' report read: "Parking problems manifest themselves in pavement parking, blocked driveways, difficult access for delivery vehicles and refuse collectors, damage to verges, trees and footpaths, and cluttered, unsightly streets.

"They cause tension between neighbours that has been known to escalate into violence, and reduce the likelihood of children using the street for play. Neighbourhoods that generally well-designed often have their appearance ruined by poor planning in parking for residents and their visitors."

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