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Pop Stars and their cars Five of the best

They may be best known for recording those songs that you hear on the radio every morning, subconsciously hum in the shower and shamelessly dance to at your annual work’s Christmas do, but, like the rest of society, Pop Stars have a life beyond their day jobs. Unlike the rest of society however, this life often involves ludicrous purchases; the most popular of which is undoubtedly the flashy motor. Celebrities are often reported to own more cars than they can count on their fingers. Talk show host Jay Leno, for one, has a 17,000 square feet showroom for his. Here are five pop stars who enjoy splashing out on their car.

Nicole Scherzinger

Known for her powerful persona, stage presence, confidence, beauty and multiple talents, the former Pussycat Doll-turned-TV personality is also said to be one of the most prolific female car enthusiasts in pop. When it comes to being involved in the modern world of motoring, there’s no better in-road than dating one of the most famous F1 drivers of all time, and there’s no doubt Nicole and Lewis Hamilton have plenty to talk about at dinner. She’s been snapped driving Bentley and Mercedes-Benz and frequently takes trips in Lewis’ million dollar sports cars.

Justin Bieber

He may look like he’s not quite old enough to drive but, believe it or not, Justin Bieber is reported to own some of the most expensive cars ever made, including the celebrity favourites Bugatti and Ferrari. He’s also a fan of motorbikes. Unfortunately Justin’s motoring run-ins with the law are becoming as widely talked about as his music, as he’s recently been involved in speeding incidents, accusations of driving under the influence and minor collisions.


Pop legend Jay Kay, of Jamiroquai fame, is a huge fan of cars and his extensive collection includes a Ferrari Enzo, a Porsche 911 and an Aston Martin DB6 among as many as 30 others. He’s a regular attendant at classic car shows and festivals where he has been known to also show off a LaFerrari the colour of a well-known muppet frog.

Miley Cyrus

It’s hard to imagine that, before she unleashed ‘Twerking’ onto the world’s population, Miley Cyrus was a Disney princess. However the 21 year old pop sensation now loves an expensive car as much as the next celeb and was recently distraught to find that her Maserati - which cost over $100,000 - was stolen from her home.

Simon Cowell

You can’t have a list of pop stars without including the father of modern pop music. He may not be known for his singing, songwriting or attractive personality, but the music mogul has followed the same path as Bieber (or, perhaps, laid that path) and has collected some colossally expensive vehicles. His collection has seen a Jaguar Eagle Speedster, Ferrari 360 and a Mercedes SL55. He recently featured in the press after it was reported he planned to sell his Bugatti Veyron - worth over a million pounds - after driving it just twice in four years.


Lifestyle and Celebrity News  19/09/2014 09:57:05

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