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Preparing for a Journey

Let all the windows down. Let that cool breeze blow through your hair as you cruise through towns and cities you’ve never seen before. There is nothing quite like that sense of adventure you get from road trips, especially when travelling with good friends. Everyone onboard partakes in the experience, sometimes the journey can even be as much fun as the destination. But before you head out on those open roads it’s highly beneficial to make simple preparations for your trip. Continue reading this article to learn how you can easily save yourself from potential pitfalls and even make your journey a lot more enjoyable.

Know when to hit the road

First things first, you need to consider the dates you will be travelling on your trip. Try to consider local traffic conditions, such as influxes of people leaving or returning to the cities. There is nothing funny about getting stuck in major traffic and congestion, especially if it could have been avoided. Waking up early to set off for a journey is often hard but it does pays off. For a start the driver will feel fresher and better equipped for their long stint driving. You will also maximise your time by arriving at your destination at a much more reasonable hour. If you leave later in the day, you may have to continue driving late into the night which can be extremely taxing on the driver.

You better have a plan

Take a little time to plan your route in advance to save yourself from stress or panic out on the road. It will not take up much time using online resources and will prevent you getting lost along the way. Many websites will even plot the optimal routes on virtual maps, giving you estimated time taken to reach set destinations. Having this handled in advance will decrease the chance of taking wrong turns and getting lost in the middle of nowhere. Remember to incorporate periodic breaks into your travel plan. Getting out of the car and stretching your legs will often prevent the driver becoming fatigued and the passengers from getting uncomfortable. Plentiful food and refreshments will not only keep your driver in tip top condition but also the passengers in better moods.

Are your wheels in good shape?

Don’t forget, your whole trip is relying very heavily on crucial thing, the car. It would be a little foolish to overlook this fact. You should choose the most reliable vehicle you can or risk sabotaging your expedition.  Selecting one which is well maintained and regularly serviced will greatly minimise the chance of a frustrating mechanical failure on the road. Remember, you will be doing some serious miles and that can be quite demanding on an older, neglected car. It would also be wise to factor in fuel efficiency. By choosing a more economic vehicle you can reduce your fuel expenses and thus the cost of the trip. This will become more prominent when travelling for greater distances, so you may want to make some quick calculations.

In car entertainment

It’s vital to keep both you and your companions in high spirits, so for this you’re going to need some entertainment on the road. Get your music sorted by creating great travel playlist, choose songs that make you feel good or get everyone singing.  Alternatively the radio offers light entertainment and some local culture. For those who simply insist on being a little anti-social, there is an easy solution. Set up DVD or media players so that they can watch films and allow them to drift off into their own worlds.

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